• Gutter Bird Proofing

  • Don’t want birds to fly up to your roof and get trapped in channels? Worried about nests in gutter trenches posing a fire hazard? With bird proofing gutters, AllClear Leafguard & Gutter, Sydney West gives you guttering systems that stay free of any obstruction to the flow of rainwater.

    We have custom made gutter covers and screens that check birds such as sparrows, starlings and Indian mynas from making nests in gutter channels. AllClear Leafguard & Gutter professionals can install these gutter protection systems with any kind of roof design.

    Bird proofing gutters is an environmentally conscious practice that not only hinders the clogging caused by nests in gutters but also prevents the death of birds and small animals that can get trapped in these trenches. The build-up of carcass in your gutter troughs emits foul smell and creates an unhygienic living environment.

    With our years of experience providing guttering solutions in Sydney suburbs we help homeowners and managers of commercial premises to get the safest and most effective gutter guards for their drainage set-ups. AllClear Leafguard & Gutter products are patented, licensed and have proven worth in keeping gutters free of blockages for years.

    The gutter guards that we install seal off the external edges of gutter without impeding the free run of water. The gap between roof lining and the back of gutters also gets filled in to prevent the ingress of birds, rodents, pests and vermin.

    A friendly team from AllClear Leafguard & Gutter, Sydney West will screen your gutters at affordable rates to ensure:

    • Dirt free water flowing through your pipes and to your tank.
    • Simplified and less frequent cleaning of your guttering systems.
    • A ‘no bird’ and ‘no pest’ zone on your roof and guttering set ups.
    • Savings on gutter repairs from damage caused by birds and pests.
    • Safety of your house from fire hazards that can result from build-up of dry nests in gutters.

    By using the correct ways to keep your gutter systems bird proof, you will also comply by legislation that prevents cruelty against animals and birds in Australian states.

    For bird proofing gutters we also have our range of products in different colour palettes to complement and add to the beauty of your roof design. Your roof may have a corrugated pattern or tiles, we have products to match its needs. Our team will also clean your existing systems before installing the guard or cover necessary for bird protection.

    Methodical cleaning of gutters and downpipes is crucial prior to any new installation, to remove all fragments or debris trapped inside. And cleaning gutters is best left to professionals. Simply assign the job to AllClear Leafguard & Gutter Sydney West instead of taking risks to climb ladders and working on slippery roofs. We provide guttering solutions to residential and commercial premises in Sydney suburbs and employ the right equipment and techniques to complete the job.

    To know more about our gutter guards for pest or bird proofing, simply speak to one of our friendly consultants on 1300 400 445.