• About Us

  • AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection Sydney staff have been trained in all aspects of leaf and gutter problems to help bring this amazing product to you.

    It is for this reason that the AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection can safely give you an amazing 20 Year Product Warranty.

    With it’s unique design, it stops leaves laying flat and also circulates air to blow the leaves away eliminating cleaning problems. When the AllClear leafguard Gutter Protection is in place it cannot be seen from the ground, so it does not ruin the appearance of your roof.

    Since the year 2000, the Australian made Allclear Leafguard Gutter Protection Sydney has been successfully tried and tested with tremendous results and acceptance in the market place, and is now recognised as the leader in all Australian states.

  • Why You Should install and AllClear Leafguard Gutter Product on Your Home!

    1. Protect your home from fire hazards: Unless gutter are cleaned frequently, falling leaves and debris become trapped in the gutter, creating a fire hazard, putting your home at risk. During a bushfire sparks can travel many kilometers in front of a main fire front and can ignite dried leaves and rubbish in your gutters and around your home.

    AllClear Leafguard has a fire hazard rating of zero (Best rating possible). It conforms to a strict AS3959-2009 standards for constructions of buildings in bushfire prone areas, which means in the event of a fire, it will not ignite or melt and it won’t become brittle and degrade under the harsh Australian sun.

    2. Protect your home against blocked drains flooding and water damage: Unless the gutters are cleaned regularly leaf litter can build up and become trapped in downpipes as it rots down. This can lead to blocked gutters, pipes and drains and during heavy rains, water can overflow into the eaves causing considerable damage to your roof and ceiling.

    3. Prolong the life of your gutters: AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection can extend the life of your existing gutters and down pipes by keeping your gutter and down pipes clean and clear of leaf-litter which can trap water as it rots down thus leading to problems with rust and pitting and reducing the life of your gutters.

    4. Ensures efficient water flows: As AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection keep the leaf litter out of your gutter that might otherwise wind up in your rainwater tank after rain polluting the water, resulting in efficient and free flow of rainwater to your tanks.

    5. Bird & Pest proofing: Due to AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protections unique design it will protect you home against birds, pest and rodents stopping them getting into the roof through the gutters 

    6. Australian-made: AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection is made from quality Australian BlueScope Colorbond® Steel, guaranteed for 20 year not to rust warp, melt or degrade

    Other features to consider: Unlike other gutter guards AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection can be removable and re-installed should you require to access your roof or gutter* require to replace your gutter.Due to range of different profiles we have we can fit 90% of different gutter.

    AllClear Leafguard Gutter Protection Sydney has a patented, low-profile design that will not detract from the look of your roof, the system is designed to be virtually invisible from the ground. Flexible and low maintenance and can be installed under the corrugated/Colorbond or tile roofs.

    *Dirt and Dust may accumulate in your gutters depending on the slope, and the easily removable leafguard will allow inspection and flushing should it ever be required.